Samantha Jayne Tootell


Actor / Entertainer


‘Remember, if you want the stars, you have to reach for them’

Hunni, I’m reaching!… ^ a quote from a pantomime i may or may not be touring this weekend!

I’m feeling super happy right now, lots of things are in the pipeline and i can not wait for them all to begin!

It felt fantastic to get back out entertaining for Shooting Star Parties on Tuesday as Rapunzel! I have missed performing at kids parties SO much, and now COVID is finally on its way out, we can get back to making memories for little ones and getting paid to play dress up haha!

Tonight i met a fantastic group of fellow performers for a rehearsal, we are performing at a corporate event in a couple of weeks time, its a very cool stylized movement piece directed by a very talented choreographer! something very different from what I’ve done before and i cant wait to see the final product!

This weekend Il be performing as the fairy in Jack and the beanstalk panto! Full day of rehearsals tomorrow and then off we go up Scotland way for performance one, followed by a stop in Blackpool for a second performance, of course, pictures will follow! and a further performance later on in the month! Im very excited about this, as it will be my first time performing as the fairy/love interest! And a first stage job with a certain theatre company i have recently connected with! may it go fantastically and lead on to further castings with said company!

Next week is also VERY exciting as i have a full week of rehearsals for my Christmas pantomime 5 week tour of Beauty & the Beast! The tour kicks of from 24th November through till 30th December which will certainly keep me busy and out of mischief! i have worked for this company numerous times and its always a pleasure, so I’m certainly looking forward to seeing old faces and of course meeting new ones!

I think COVID has made such an impact on everyone’s lives, some have had to retrain/rethink their career and choices, and personally Im feeling so grateful that i am finally able to get back to what I love the most- performing! may it continue and prosper!

Lots of pictures and updates to come, so keep a look out for those! till then, Im going to pack for tomorrow, get some food in me and a well needed rest ahead of tomorrow!

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